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Neighborhood Spotlight: Rose F. Kennedy Greenway – Government Center


About the Neighborhood: After the completion of Boston’s “Big Dig,” which removed elevated highways and created a tunnel system below the city, the community seized the opportunity to enhance the city by creating the Greenway, a linear series of parks and gardens that would re-connect some of Boston’s most diverse and vibrant neighborhoods. Stretching 1.5 miles, the Greenway encompasses gardens, plazas, and tree-lined promenades and is a key feature of the modern reinvention of Downtown Boston, the Harbor and the Waterfront. 


Today: With Boston in the midst of a building boom never seen in its history, The Rose F. Kennedy Greenway/Government Center neighborhood is seeing a surge of proposals to redefine the district. With close proximity to the Financial District and the rapidly transforming Seaport, developers are proposing to turn what is now office, garage or retail space into residential mixed-use buildings. Take a look at a few projects that have been proposed or approved by the Boston Redevelopment Authority via The Boston Globe’s article “A new age for an old town:”

Government Center Garage Redevelopment
771 residential units, 204 new hotel rooms,
1.3 million square feet of office, 82,500 square feet
of retail, and 1,159 parking spaces.
Click here for more details.

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Harbor Garage Redevelopment
Two 600-foot towers with 1.3 million square
feet of residential and commercial space,
including up to 300 hotel rooms, 120 condos,
700,000 square feet of offices, three levels of
retail stores, a public arcade, and 1,400 parking
spaces. Click here for more details.

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